Gdynia city transport includes trolleybuses and buses (ZKM). Fast urban railway (SKM) is also available at Gdynia area. Below we present key information regarding rules of city transport tickets purchase and current tariff system.


  1. the same kinds and rules of tickets purchase apply both to trolleybuses and buses

  2. at Gdynia area there are regular lines (marked with numbers, e.g. 21, 141), fast lines (marked with letters, e.g. S, W, K), two special lines (4A, 4F) and nocturnal lines (marked with numbers and a letter N, e.g. N20)

  3. tickets available:

    1. single-journey tickets (a ticket is valid for one journey after validation, independently of travel time; in case of a change to other bus/trolleybus – it is necessary to validate another single-journey ticket):
      • for regular lines (blue tickets)
      • for fast, special and nocturnal lines (red tickets)
    2. time tickets (time counted since a moment of validation):
      • 1-hour (either for regular lines or all lines)
      • 24-hour (for all lines)
  4. ticket prices:

    1. kind of a ticket – standard price / reduced-price
      • single-journey ticket (regular lines only) PLN 3,20 / 1,60
      • single-journey ticket (all lines) PLN 4,20 / 2,10
      • 1-hour ticket (regular lines only) PLN 3,80 / 1,90
      • 1-hour ticket (all lines) PLN 4,80 / 2,40
      • 24-hour ticket (all lines) PLN 13,00 / 6,50
  5. a list of persons entitled to reduced-price and free journeys is available HERE

  6. attention: a single ticket is mostly a reduced-price ticket (e.g. PLN 1,60 zł; PLN 2,10); persons not entitled to reduced-price journeys have to validate 2 reduced-price tickets – to come up to a price of a standard ticket (e.g. validate 2 reduced-price tickets for PLN 1,60/each to come up to the price of a standard single-journey ticket for PLN 3,20; by analogy – 2 reduced-price tickets worth PLN 6,50/each to come up to the price of a standard 24-hour ticket for PLN 13 etc.);

  7. where to buy:

    1. tickets can be purchased from a driver

    2. attention: in case of single-journey tickets, a driver can only sell so-called carnets consisting of 5 reduced-price tickets; it means that 1 carnet’s price amounts to – depending on a kind of a line (regular or fast) – PLN 8,00 (5 X PLN 1,60) or PLN 10,50 (5 x PLN 2,10); it is better to have exact cash prepared; the above mentioned information does not refer to time tickets

    3. tickets can also be purchased at points of ticket sale, selected kiosks and some railway stations – however it is a rather standard practice among people who do not have a monthly ticket to buy tickets from a driver

If you are not sure which bus ticket you should buy and where, we recommend you to purchase a 24-hour ticket from a driver.

Current schedule and tariffs can be found HERE


  1. ticket prices:

    1. diversified depending on a route length; standard ticket from Gdynia Główna stop to Gdynia Redłowo stop costs PLN 3,20
  2. where to buy:

    1. at SKM ticket offices situated at railway stations (a ticket has to be validated – yellow validators available at entrances to platforms),

    2. at ticket machines situated at railway platforms (a ticket is already validated);

    3. from a conductor (it is necessary to enter the first wagon carriage; a ticket is already validated)

Current schedule and tariffs can be found HERE


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